Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Badgers who like a bit of Greenery

So our first few weeks in our apartment we were buying the extras that weren't there... Things like chopping boards, soap dispensers, vanity trays..

Now I feel like I need to make our space "ours". That is kind of hard to do when you know you only have the space for a year or two, and then need to move back to another country.

The first thing I bought for our wee mouse house two months ago was a fern. Thanks to my excellent flora based maternal skills, said fern has died. But, I maintain that I can keep plants alive, even if I lose some in the path to glory. 

So, touch wood, I seem to have managed to keep some succulents alive, 5 out of 6 anyway! I bought a mixture of sizes, and I love using different things to hold them.. I got the cutest white, duck planter from a second hand store. And, a beautiful sugar bowl for one of the little succulents. Teacups look cute too.

So this is how I tried to make a big white wall a little bit more "us"... I needed an old shelf or structure for everything to balance on. I thought my husband would like an old shelf better than an antique wooden ironing board.. And I found this brilliant one at a little antique store in Montgomery, Texas.

I used some beautiful kiwiana items to liven up the wall above the shelf. A "Tikiana" print from Tofu Tree, A "Tu Meke" print by Dick Frizzell and a pretty fantail silhouette I was given as for my birthday last year. 

I love how it all looks, and am so happy with the combination of everything.. 



Tiki print - Tofu Tree  http://www.tofutree.com/

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