Monday, 6 May 2013

DIY Wedding Table Numbers

So, as odd as this may seem, choosing how we wanted table numbers was really hard! So many options, so many styles.. If you search "wedding table numbers" you can see everything from a vase of lemons with a floating number inside of it, to painted mason jars. I have seen steam punk robots holding numbers and mod-podge-papier-mache-roman numerals. None of these were really for me, and in truth, I changed my mind about how I wanted them at least seven times. 

I wanted to use embroidery hoops in the wedding some how and spent a long time trying to decide how to incorporate them.  I had so many buttons left over from my bouquets that I thought it made sense to see what I could do with them...

My experiment was successful! I love these cute, little hoops!

I drew out the numbers with a pencil and played with different patterns for the buttons.  To keep with the eclectic nature of the wedding theme, I used different sizes, shapes and tones of blue.  I stitched the buttons on one at a time slowly to ensure that I was keeping the pattern all lined up. The result was fantastic. I love the way they turned out!

I like the idea of using these for a kids room at a later date. If not the numbers, then maybe the alphabet.  They would be cute gifts for expecting parents.  One of my next projects is to use a selection of vintage fabrics in different sized hoops and hang them on a feature wall.

Enjoy your hoops!


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