Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Vintage dresses in a modern world - Eeyores Birthday

How does one combine a sad donkey, some happy hippies and a lot of bare breasts?

One way is...

A yearly festival in Austin, Texas called Eeyore's Birthday.

A little history for those who are interested:

So, when we found out that we would be arriving in Houston a couple of months before the 50th anniversary, we knew we had to go.

Cue a road trip and two nights at a dodgy hotel with a couple of fantastic friends. And well, it didn't disappoint.

Taken purely as an experience to see something different, this day is epic.

People of all walks of life, sitting, standing, laying in the sun. Hoola hoops everywhere. I mean everywhere. Shiny happy people holding hands. Bare breast and buttocks of all ages. Some, in all honesty, had seen firmer times.  A lot of painted breasts.  Oddly enough someone had painted their breasts skin colour... Faux modesty perhaps? I was tempted to let them know that they weren't well camouflaged.  I couldnt definitely see what they were.  Or what they were once, they did seem slightly.. Well, they had seen perkier days.  There were mermaids. There was a human skittle, and by that I mean a guy in a matching rainbow thong and knee highs. A man that looked like a fawn, complete with horns and wooly white pants. Some really good local Texas beer. A lot of drum circles. More hoola hoops. An elderly Winnie the Pooh who appeared to have wandered to far into the woods.

And so, how is one to dress?   I wanted to go all out, but thought that may be odd afterwards.  I was not going to go bare chested, although it was tempting given the crowd. And I didn't want to embarrass my poor husband too much.

I thought the best option was a 1950s sky blue beauty. It has embroidered flowers around the neck and a pleated, mid calf skirt. It is one of my favorite dresses, so feminine and flowy!

Me attempting adult hoola hooping. Many physicians advise againt the use of a hoop past your mid 20s but I think I gave it a good crack.

I made a flower crown to go with the ensemble. I am very happy with how it turned out, given that it was a complete experiment.

I bought a bunch of wee paper flowers on wire from a craft store and then bought a larger wire with opalescent blue and cream beads of different sizes. I pulled all the wires apart and then retwisted them together.

The result:

My flower crown!

I love it! So pretty, and because there was so much wire it was very sturdy. I loved including the little berries and seed pods as well as it made it really unique. Best of all, the flowers were on sale and it all cost $7!

My beautiful dress... This is one of my all time favorite Vintage finds. From Miss Brown Vintage, Perth, Australia.

Dress: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miss-Brown-Vintage-Re-Modified-Vintage-Fashions/200911483260089
Flowers: http://www.joann.com/ 

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