Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Adding a comfy touch to your wedding

One of the aspects of our wedding that we got the most compliments on was one of the simplest things - comfort!

We wanted everyone to be relaxed and comfy all evening, so we set up a lot of "mini lounges" for people to hang out in.

On the lawn near the marquee we had a series of arm chairs, couches and sofas set up. They were arranged around coffee tables so that people could lounge and chill out in the afternoon sun. The coffee tables were all set out on vintage rugs so each area looked like a lounge or separate seating area.

We placed pillows and cushions all along the stairs for extra seating arrangements.

Although we had a beautiful, sunny day, it got chilly at night time. We had vintage suitcases around the lawn filled with afghans and woollen blankets for people to throw over themselves. This was vErY popular! So many people used them - I was quite delighted to see one of my baby blankets around Robs grandfathers shoulders. Big smile.

The best part was buying all the mismatched furniture from second hand stores, Trade Me and Amazon. I had a ball buying cushions and cushion covers and then stuffing them with pillow inners. Mum and I scoured Etsy, Trade me, second hand stores, church galas, and school fairs to get all the blankets. Plus some of our old ones were used - including the baby blanket I mentioned! 

At the end of the night, it got even better! All our friends who stayed late chatting and drinking and listening to music gathered the chairs in a big group. We bundled into blankets and dove into the left over food and the candy bar. What an amazing end to a wedding. 

Our day was as much about the two of us as it was about our family and friends. We wanted them to be super happy and comfortable and to have a great time. We wanted to share our love and make them a part of the special thing we have. 

We were so happy to hear that they did.


Areta Arcus

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