Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bridesmaid dresses with a difference - convertible and cute!

Any brides out there will agree that one of the hardest things to plan for the wedding, its the bridemaids attire.. I spent sooo long looking at colours and lengths and styles that I nearly went crazy. My biggest requirement was that my beautiful friends ALL felt comfortable, gorgeous and unique.

I considered just asking them to buy a dress of their choice in a certain colour, but my husband is pretty OCD and wanted them to be somewhat matching.

Then I considered making these dresses that I found online...

I decided that convertible/infinity dresses were the choice for me, after I showed two of the ladies and they squealed with delight. The next step was to find where to buy them from. They are trending in weddings at the moment and there are a growing number of stockists.

In the end, after much research I found this Etsy store,

I had heard great things about the dresses and the store owner so I decide to take the plunge..

I ordered five of these dresses,
and customised the lengths, waists and bust sizing to fit my ladies.

The dresses arrived on time, each in a beautiful individual linen package, with a sea horse printed on it.

The dresses were ABSOLUTELY perfect. I couldn't believe how relieved I was after all that searching! Everyone loved their dresses, and they will be worn again to balls and formals because you can make them unique every time. I was jealous I didn't have one!!

The day of the wedding was super fun, we spent ages stylising each ladies dress to suit them exactly. It is crazy how good it looked. My sister was 8 months pregnant and the dress sat beautifully on her baby bump. It suited one lady who was taller and another who was shorter. Different body shapes and lengths - they all looked great!

The dress can be adjusted to change the front, the back, the way the strap ties, the neck line, and even the length of the dress. There are soo many tutorials on you tube which show over 100 different ways to tie the dress!

I completely recommend these dresses to anyone who wants a unique look for each bridesmaid, while still retaining the traditional "matching dress" look. The best thing for me, is that the girls all loved the dresses. After all, you want your best friends to be just as happy as you on your big day!!

Photos: Carey Conn Photography http://careyconn.co.nz/
Dresses: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CoralieBeatrix?ref=seller_info


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  2. The color rocks. And what a great thing these dresses!!!!

  3. I love these dresses, they looks so beautiful, and it should be design in a different meaning, and very same as i find from bridesmaid dresses
    . what do you think of it.


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