Friday, 21 June 2013

DIY giant photo poster

Here is a little project I finished evening! 

Shopping list

I used a sale at CVS to buy a couple hundred photos for under $30!

Double sided tape or Blu tac.. I used a brilliant new scotch product which rolls on a thin strip of double sided tape. It made the process way faster! 

6 large pieces of poster card

Masking tape

How I made my super special hanging

I laid down the large pieces of card and used masking tape to stick them together. I held the whole thing up against the wall to make sure I was happy with the size and shape of it.

I grouped my photos into a pile of horizontal and vertical shots.

I then went along the bottom edge and arranged a series of photos so I knew that there would be enough space. Altering the borders between the photos as I went.

I did the same thing for the vertical edge, again, adjusting the gaps between the photos to get a good fit across the page.

I filled in the rest of the card with photos until it was full. Then I went through and changed shots around, for example if I had put two similar ones adjacent to each other or if because I wanted to spread out the landscape shots.

After they were all laid out I stuck down the bottom layer first row. Doing the corner photos first and then working in to the centre one shot at a time. This made sure that the spacing between the shots were relatively consistent without having to draw out lines or anything. 

I did the same thing for the vertical edge. Then the top edge and the other side. 

I then stuck the rest in, working a column at a time and working from the outer edge towards the centre.

Finally, I was done...

And I love, love, love the result!! 

I love the colour blue and I seem to have a lot of landscape shots that are scattered throughout with bright blue skies.

It is such a fun way to brighten up a wall, and the photos can be pulled off and saved at a later date!

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