Tuesday, 25 June 2013

DIY Wedding Table Decor

Here is a breakdown of how we decorated our tables for the wedding.

My Mum and I collected blue and clear glass bottles ranging in size and shape. There were retro soda bottles, medicine bottles, wine bottles, tall bottles, short bottles, milk bottles, European soda bottles, old bottles, new bottles.. all sorts of bottles. We were going to have white hydrangeas in the bottles, but in the end we decided we liked the bottles by themselves. We really liked the blue and clear glass combinations.. And, we randomly found a bag of bright red hearts on sticks at the dollar store. I had grabbed them randomly, and decided to throw them in the glass bottles. They made such a pretty contrast to the blue and white. Especially since I was wearing blue, white with bright red lipstick.

We had tea lights candles in glass jars and tea cups. We randomly collected them over a couple of years and then had them all over the tables. Another thing we collected were old lace and embroidered doilies. All the candles were on the doilies along the centre of the table.

The name tags took me a long while, but it was totally worth it. I stamped out all the individual letters with a typewrite font stamp and then added a stamp of some buttons to go with the theme. I used manila tags that I bought off of ebay. Blue and white twine tied everything together with the napkins.

I have blogged how I made my table numbers at an earlier date. Take a look at the post if you wanna see - I think they turned out so well!

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