Friday, 28 June 2013

Wedding Guest Book Table - make it memorable

This was something that I had planned for awhile for our wedding. I wanted a fun spot where people could take a look at our guest book and write us a wee note.

We ended up having a few things on the table. They all added up to a functional and decorative addition to the wedding. 

Super photo mosaic:
I used my Instagram app to take photos of Rob and I and make them a little vintage with different filters. I also loaded a bunch of landscape shots from our favorite places. Using the prinstagram website, I ordered a large amount to be sent as mini photos. During the epic second hand shopping phase leading up to the wedding, Mum and I found an old landscape painting for $20... Bargain! It had an ornate gilded frame and it looked fantastic.

I spaced out all my favourite photos to make a large mosaic over the landscape picture. It was a neat effect to have the pictures overlying the painting. Another option would be to spray paint the frame, or background, but I loved the photos straight on the painting.

This formed the focal point for the table. On one side we had the props for the photo booth. On the other we had different cut outs for people to write notes on for the guest book.

My grandmother passed away 6 months before the wedding, and my grandfather wasn't well enough to attend, so we had a beautiful black and white photo of their wedding framed an on the table. Robs grandfather was a very special man in his life and passed away several years ago. We were very sad not to have him at the wedding, but we had a beautiful black and white photo of him in earlier times with Robs grandmother. I added my favourite photo of my Mum and Dads wedding to the collection.

In addition to the other framed pictures we had a couple of frames with personal sayings and song lyrics on the table.

To keep with the vintage theme the table was covered in a lace tablecloth and was decorated with a few vintage items, such as an old tapestry, an old hat box, vintage suit case and a lamp.

We also had our vintage suit case that doubled as a card box.. I loved how this looked!

We loved the small personal touches, and had so many comments on what a happy space it was for people to check out.


Photography by Carey Conn

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