Monday, 24 June 2013

Wedding Photobooth - How to make it even more awesome!!

We were so excited to have a photobooth for our wedding!

We contemplated doing it all sorts of ways, but ended up going with a local photobooth company, and doing the prop shopping ourselves. We totally reccomend the people here...
Communication was great, the technician was super friendly and it was a vintage upcycled booth! Perfect!

Photo booth being set up!

My list of ideal props for a photo booth that is a little different:
Vintage trucker caps
Old sun glasses
Cat ears
Mickey mouse ears
Chalkboard hearts to write messages on
Flower crowns
Flower lei
I scoured Etsy, local second hand stores, dollar stores, and costume stores for all the goodies..


Set up:
We used a vintage suitcase and basket for all the props to sit in.. It looked super cute on the guest book table. We had an old lamp and a lace tablecloth to make things a little more vintage.


If we hadn't used a professional photo booth we were going to set up our own.. Here are a list of links that we considered purchasing back drops from some great stores on Etsy.. I have a lot of links here on my pinterest page: 

Putting it all together:
So the BEST thing about our photo booth was that the photos that were printed out came in doubles. The photo booth technician stuck one copy into the guest book, and gave the other copy to the person in the photo.. So, now we have a guest book full of funny, cute, sweet and personal messages and photos from our big day!! 

For the book itself we considered all sorts of different guest books. Etsy has so many beautiful handmade books you can choose from. Then, to fit with our personal theme, I thought that maybe a vintage text book or encyclopedia would be a great background for the photos... While searching through an old book store with beautiful Liz, I came across an old copy of "the Oxford book of Marriage"... Serendipity. I couldn't have planned it better. 

On a shelf in our lounge we have the Oxford book of marriage, and when you take a look inside it is full of photos from our big day - perfect!!


  1. No wedding is complete without a photo booth. I made my sister do it. With chalkboards and all. Such great memories!!!!

    1. I think it was one of the best decisions!


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