Friday, 26 July 2013

Button love at our wedding!

For any fellow button lovers out there, here is how we incorporated them into our special day!

I have a tutorial for this in the works, but here are some pictures of my beautiful bouquets!

My bouquet... so worth the time!

The bridesmaids bouquets and their hat boxes.

My sisters bouquet.

A brooch in the bouquet.

My bouquet. Oh how I love it!

Candy tags
Here is a link to a DIY I wrote about my candy bar and the tags..

Candy Tags

Button detailing on the candy jar labels.

Name tag 
Here is a link to a story I wrote about our table decor, including our vintage button themed name tags Place tags.

Here is how they look..

Button stamps on our seating labels.

Here are the beautiful posies my husband and his groomsmen wore on our wedding day. The boys looks so handsome, and they match the ladies so well!

The boys and their buttons.

I made these flower corsages to give to our grandparents and our Mums.. I love the colors, and they are all a little different.

I used felt, buttons and cottons to create different patterns. These would also be cute in a vase or as a little gifty for someone.

Table Numbers
Here are the way we decided to make our table numbers.. 
Table Number DIY

Button table numbers.

Photography: Carey conn
 Areta Arcus

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