Tuesday, 30 July 2013

DIY cupcake toppers

Here is a cute wee project that I did one evening in preparation for our wedding. Instead of a wedding cake, we had cupcakes, home baked cakes and like, the best candy bar ever. So for our cupcakes, I wanted a cute way to decorate. I also wanted to tie in the button theme that somehow spun itself into the day.
Here is what I did:

Cut a triangle flag out of construction paper. I got this stuff at a dollar store in Australia. Any kind of paper would work. Even washi tape would work too.

I measured out how big I wanted the flag to be relative to the toothpicks. I cut LOTS of triangles!

And then folded them all in half. I made half of the flags white and half blue.

I lined the inner edge of the flags with double sided tape, and then folded each flag around a tooth pick.

I then glued a matching button onto the middle of each flag using a hot glue gun. I used buttons that were random but all a similar color.

Our yummo cupcakes!

You could make these personalized for a party, pink or blue for a baby shower, or glue cool vintage buttons onto the flag for a retro look. Washi tape would be super cute if you wrapped it around a tooth pick and then cut out a little wedge for a flag!If you wanted to take it to another level of cuteness, what about using a resin cabochon on each flag!

Here are how the cupcakes looked on our candy bar!

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