Saturday, 27 July 2013

DIY wrapping paper

Here is a little project I have been thinking of getting into for awhile!

I love making personalized gifts and I really love cool looking wrapping paper.. So of course I want to try and make my own!
Here are a few steps that I took to make these cool gift wrapping ideas.

I bought a bunch of stamps of Etsy. I have used this store before and love her work! She has the sweetest little stamps, and they have a great detailing. I had a major splurge last week and bought like 12 different ones. I tried to buy ones that I thought would look cute in patterns together. Click here to take a look at her store Nore Jane on Etsy

Playing around with my pretty stamps!

I bought a few different colored ink pads cos I figured the more colors the better. I love the rectangular ink pad because I'm super into ombré colour patterns right now. I bought these off hobby lobby last week.

For paper I bought brown Kraft paper and white paper.. I think that the Kraft paper looks neat and kind of rustic, but I also really like the white because the colors are much brighter.

I spent quite awhile cutting the paper to 3ft length sections. Folding the cut portions into smaller rectangles and placing them under books seems to help get out the roll from them being wrapped up.

I played around with color combinations and patterns for awhile before I started stamping my paper... Here are some patterns that made the cut...

The little hedgehog makes me smile! I can't wait to see this wrapped around someone's gifty with some twine and a neat tag!

Trio of butterflies from Nora Jane on Etsy
Love the color..

Flutter by paper.
I have a friend who just loves butterflies so I am so glad that there were such detailed and pretty stamps in the store I was checking out.. I love the color combination too!

The bumble bee and hummingbird gift wrap reminds me of summer and would be a perfect addition to a gift for a wedding or party on a sunny day!

I love how unique these papers are, and how I can personalize them depending on who the gift is for! I really love giving gifts and it just makes sense for them to look awesome as well as be awesome!


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