Sunday, 21 July 2013

Random question?

I got up early this morning and threw on Netflix, and, curious by the title "what the bleep did I marry?" I started watching.

There was a reenactment of a happy couple, who, obviously have their lives turned upside down because one of them is a sociopath. It turned out that the husband, who was handsome and seemed awesome, was a con man and had been robbing banks. 

Anyways, the "actor" they had playing the husband was pretty goofy looking and really didn't look like him. Actually he was really unattractive. 

It begs the question.. Do criminals get annoyed if the actor playing them on a reenactment on 'America's Most Wanted' or another show is ugly? Or fat? Do they then go through a crash diet? Or question their relative attractiveness? 

And what about the other people in the reenactment? Has anyone ever developed an eating disorder or a health issue because of the odd looking actors representing them.

Like, "oh, my husband was a d-bag that robbed banks and wore woman's underwear. Oh and even worse they had someone with a horse face playing me on the show"... "Do I have a horse face?" "Should I diet?" "Do I sound like that?" "Why did they put the actor in Mom Jeans?"

These are the real issues people. 


  1. Hahaha. Why I love you. Cause instead of feeling sorry for some poor girl that married a bank robber, you focus on the bank robbers actor and how he felt about being portrayed by someone uglier than him. Ahhh, what a good laugh. Thank you. If it's alright with you I may use this on, of course I'll give you full credit.

    1. Hahahaha I'm glad you like that. I thought on that subject long and hard :p Feel free to share!


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