Thursday, 1 August 2013

August goal - run 1 mile a day

For the month of August we have set a goal to run a mile per day. I read that Emma from A Beautiful Mess had done this a ocuple of months ago, and for some reason, it seems like a really good goal. I mean, it can only help with my goal of becoming the slightly smaller version of myself that I was before we moved to Houston. And though its not far, thats not really the point. It is mentally just making yourself get up and do it.

Here is how it came about.

Sarah: How do you feel about running a mile per day in August?
Rob: Why?
Sarah: Well, why don't we set a goal, that we have to get up and run 1 mile. 10 minutes. If we make the goal we can spoil ourselves.
Rob: Can it count when I run at cross fit?
Sarah: Nope. Separate from any other work out. We can still work out independent of this. We just have to say we are going to do it. And then do it.

Rob:...... Okay. What do we get if we do it?

Sarah: Helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon when we are in Vegas. OR a Michelin star dinner when we are there.

And that is how I sold the idea to my dear husband.

 So today is Day 1.
I must say, we were both early risers in Perth, and would often get up early to run or walk through Kings Park. However, a form of lethargy has seeped into our systems since we moved here. Now we can sleep in for hours, which has literally never happened since we started dating over 7 years ago. So when the alram went off 45 minutes early this morning, I was sorely tempted to postpone it to another month. But with one snooze, we got up, groggily made our way downstairs, and hopped on the tread mill. Even though it is only 6 am - in Houston it is already 80 % humidity. So, air con it was.

And 11 minutes later it was done. We marked a one on the calendar. And now there are 30 to go. We have a "realistic" goal of 25, which gets us a "mid level reward" (considering there will be hang overs, and two weekends away this month). If we make 30 or 31, its the chopper. Lets see how we go..

Remember, its not the distance. 1 mile is really not far at all. Its saying you will do something, and sticking to it.

Please send me any motivation tips you have.. Lol would love something that makes me get my morning person persona back!

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