Tuesday, 6 August 2013

August goal update - run 1 mile a day.

So we are currently 6 from 6.

The first day seems a long time ago.

My calves have calmed down now, and I have learnt that waking up and then running a mile is a little dumb. You gotta stretch a little when you are warmed up. Lesson learnt - walked around limping for a few days.

Sunday for some reason (day 4) was really hard. It's weird how you know in 10 minutes you will be done but I don't know. I struggled on Sunday.

I figure I have it down to 3 songs on my iPod. And I am running faster, so that's good. And hey, 6 runs is 6 miles I wasn't running before hand. And that's 10ish kilometers. So that isn't bad!

Day 7 is nearing! 

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