Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cocktail love - Pine Breeze

Get it? Like pine trees? But not...

Well this tastes much better the name sounds. In fact, by my own admission, it has a shit name.

Oh well - you have to try it.

I couldn't find a pineapple mojito recipe I liked on the net so I combined a bunch and changed things around.

I made this for my darling, who has been known to like his share of rum on occasion, and has a sweet tooth, particularly with pineapple.

Here is what I did.

Muddle mint and some pineapple chunks together. 
Squeeze in a lime wedge.
Add a shot or two of rum. I used Bacardi.
Top up with half lemonade, half pineapple juice.

My husband tried a wee glass of this and he said it tasted pretty yum. 

To make a big batch I chopped up a whole pineapple and added like 3 cups of mint leaves. I mushed them all up together. Then we added 1.8 liters of pineapple juice and 1.8 liters of lemonade to a large jug. Then we added 1 liter of Bacardi. 
It was a hit! 

The juice is sweet enough, so it means you don't need to add a syrup or sugar.

This is a sweet drink, but the mint mellows it out and the lime gives it a kick. Very refreshing and great for summer.

You could garnish with cucumber (except not for Rob, he detests cucumber) or add some mint leaves.

Make sure to serve it in a tall glass with plenty of ice, on a summer day, with pals. That is when it will be at its optimum.

Happy drinking!

Sarah xo


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