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How we keep our whare organised

Much like my mother, both grandmothers and great grandmother before me, I am a woman of many scarves.

This post was inspired when Sarah posted on her Facebook asking her pals if they had any organising or storage tips.. It made me think.. I love it when things are organised. I stress when they aren't. So how do I keep my goods sorted? 

I created a pinterest board with neat ideas that I find on the Internet, you can check it out here: "Organising Made Beautiful"

Here is how I keep my shit tizzite. So to speak.

My wardrobe

I bought a wee fold up stepping stool from CVS to make the most of the top shelves of my wardrobe. It is super handy to keep bulky or delicate things up there. Like hats and bags. I stuff the bags with shopping bags or tissue paper to give them rigidity so they don't topple over.

Baskets - I have a set of baskets that I store alot of accessories in. I like to keep things where I can see them.
This way everything fits on my shelves and I have easy access to all my beautiful things.

Belts - my belts are stored in a set of two baskets and I use a plastic tub to have them wrapped around. That way I can find the colour I want quickly.

I have a lot of belts. Its kind of required with all the dresses!

Glasses - I use this vintagey tray that Rob got me from hobby lobby. I used to have a coat hanger on the wall with them hanging off it, but this is way cuter.

Some of my glasses. I admit to having random pairs strewn through out the house, but I do try to keep them coralled :P

Earrings - I use this cute cake server that I bought in NZ when we were home in December for our wedding. Its so adorable. And I love choosing a cute wee pair out of it. Before I had this super cute dish I used another one. A trip to the opshop can provide you with mucho storage potential!

How I keep track of my jewellery.

I use a canvas that I painted to keep necklaces from getting tangled. And a ribbon from Tiffanys to keep my bows and flowers from being crushed in a basket or drawer.

Boots - tip! I use empty water bottles to keep the shape in my boots and to stop them slouching and folding over during summer when they aren't worn.

Keep boots straight in Summer with empty water bottles.

Dry cleaning - tip! I have a bag set aside where all my drycleaning goes into so that I don't accidentally put them through the washer. I take my dress cleaning very seriously lol. 

Buttons - tip! I have a mason jar on my shelf that I put all my buttons in when I bring them home. I used to have buttons scattered all over the house, but now I know exactly where to get one if I have a button popping incident!

Tags, receipts - if you are like me and break things, or change your mind about certain shopping items, I find it handy to keep a wee Victoria's secret bag on the shelf so that I can throw tags and receipts in. Then, heaven forbid, if I have buyers remorse, I know where to grab the paper work.

Shoes - I find the best way to fit all my shoes in is stacked shelves from costco. But, I really like the rustic look of wooden planks and cinder blocks. This is a DIY option that I love the look of.

Underwear draw - I am a coveter of frilly knickers, so it goes without saying that my drawers drawer is usually overflowing. I tried this the other day, and I am so happy with the result. Haha I am so OCD and I feel so much better that they are all organised now.
I used two small shoe boxes spread out across the drawer. This creates four individual spaces, so my bras line up exactly! I like this so much better, and it does actually save me time so I am not fossicking through my drawers looking for the right coloured bra!

I know it is OCD to organise underwear, but it does save time!

Robs Wardrobe - That boy like hats. So we got him a hat organiser from New Era. It clears up the shelf for other man things, and it just looks better to be honest.


Mason jars. Mason jars. Mason jars. I use them for pens, pencils, colouring pencils, paint brushes, rulers. We have one for pennies, and one coins of actual use (thanks American treasury). 

I use saucers for random things, like pencil sharpeners, erasers.

Sugar bowl - I use this for pins and thumb tacks. It looks cute, and it keeps the place tidy. Alternatively, you could use a tea cup or milk jug. I love random objects which can be used for storage and organising but that look so much more original than standard storage solutions.

Cork board - I had no idea how much space this would make on my desk. Now all our concert and sports tickets are pinned up, coupons, appointments, phone numbers. They are all up there. My "to clear" pile has never been so cleared. If you don't like the look of the board, you can spray paint it, or buy a coloured product. You can buy or make cute pins. (DIY cute push pin tutorial coming soon). 

Here is the cork board. I think it is a little plain. (there might be a DIY coming soon to fix that!)


I use cute things in my bathroom, I just like it that way. We found that our cleaner would move all our things around to clean (SOOO not complaining by the way. Bless her heart). So I looked around for a large vanity tray, that way she can just take the tray off! I use tea cups for lipstick and gloss, a mason jars for brushes. A wee porcelain milk jug stores eye and lip pencils. A tea cup keeps Q tips standing up right and ready to use.  I like that it is tidy, but it looks good too. No one likes an ugly bathroom bench now do they?

Use random op-shop tea cups for make up storage.

We have two vintage vanity trays on our dresser with our colognes and perfumes on them. This is functional as the dresser surface can be cleaned more easily, and it looks really pretty. 

Our cologne and family photos make the dresser personal.

Bathroom drawers - up until a few weeks ago these were manic. When I threw the shoe boxes into my underwear drawer, I grabbed the lids and used them to create some individual compartments for make up, medicine etc. Again, so glad I did it. And its only a little thing, but it makes it way easier to find the right nail polish or some panadol or whatever.

Use shoe box lids to create compartments in the drawers. Good for spills too!

Vitamins - I am so useless at remembering to take vitamins. Like, so useless, my Mum is always telling me to take more. The only way I can remember to take them was to buy one of those daily pill things. To be fair, I thought only old people used them. But they work. On Sunday, throw enough in for the week, and then you don't have to open individual jars or containers each morning. Brilliant. 


I spend hardly any time in the kitchen these days. Work is so busy and I just don't do the same amount of cooking, entertaining or baking here that I did in Perth. However, here are is something we use every day.

Tea drawer - I love tea. Rob loves tea. We drink it by the bucket full. We decided to have a kitchen drawer whose sole purpose in life is to store our tea. Instead of fussing with all the different boxes in the cupboard, each time we get a new box, we trim the lid off it, and place it snug beside our other tea. This is super functional, as you can just glance down and grab exactly whatever tea you want. Plus, instead of opening jars, or individual boxes, you can grab a few kinds if you are making tea for pals. 

We really like tea.


These are some of the ways I like to keep our house just so. Rob loves all the wee solutions cos luckily he is just as OCD as me. Yay. 

Please let me know if you have any tips or tricks, I would love to hear them!

I really like beanies. And berets.
Rereading this, it turns out I really like a lot of things haha.

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