Thursday, 15 August 2013


Georgia NauticalWoohoo!

After much googling and review reading, I finally made a decision on a camera bag to go with the new camera!

Here is the bag.. I literally just pressed purchase... Agghhh the pleasure of shopping online!

Georgia Nautical

Georgia Nautical
So much room! And I love it has all the padding to keep my new camera safe!

I didn't even realise that you could buy bags that weren't like a giant black box.. I saw a link to Jo Totes Rosie bag on A Beautiful Mess
And I fell head over heels. But, the size was just a little too big for me.

I have always wanted to buy a DSLR but the size issue was always the thing that held me back. I always felt that when you see someone with that big camera bag, they are kind of a target for getting mugged lol paranoia.

But I like that with this bag, it just looks like a cute purse.So many pockets. So much padding. And its brown and stripey!(The only thing its missing is polka dots :P )

I can't wait to get my new purse, I will post some photos as soon as I get it!

Photos: these ones are from the Jo Totes website. I will put some of mine up when I get it!

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