Thursday, 15 August 2013

My camera's name is Betty.

So, here is my pretty new camera. And my super fantastic camera purse. 

I have spent years considering buying a DSLR.

The things holding me back
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Camera bag
  • I feel like if you have one its kind of a target for getting mugged
  • Makes you look like a tourist
  • Scared of what the lenses mean
  • Not sure how to use it

Here is how I see things currently
  • I just got a super cute camera purse
  • I can totally learn how to use it
  • I can find out what the lenses mean
  • And mostly, I want to take good photos. Clear photos. Wide angle shots. Portraits. Shots inside. Shots outside. At night. At dusk. On the road. In the park. 
I have spent months asking people about cameras they have used in the past, are using now, have heard about. After much umming, aahhhing, googling, I chose a Nikon. 

I got a bundle deal and that included the camera body, an 18-55 mm lens and a 55-200 mm lens. And they all fit perfectly into my bag with room for my wallet, keys, camera and a wee bag with make up. 

Here is a link to my super awesome new camera bag. I love it. The camera guys in the store couldn't believe it was a camera bag, I was positively beaming with excitement haha.


  1. You couldn't possible post more photos! We assume they will just be of a high res :-) tee hee

  2. Hehe hopefully they look better! And don't clog up my phone memory :p


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