Sunday, 18 August 2013

Road Tripping in Texas

Oh New Braunfels, how I love you.

We got so lucky with our cabin!

Check this out. We stayed in such a cute little house on Lake Dunlap. The house came complete with a grill, boat house and deck over the lake. Oh so beautiful. 

We stayed the weekend with our good friends and their son. Such a good spot for a long weekend.

We left Houston Friday night after work and I drove to Buckys. My first long drive! Ever! Over 100 miles. Haha very exciting.

Saturday morning we had a relaxing tea and coffee out on the deck, chatting with some fisher men.

Later, Steph and I went exploring and found a craft market in Gruene while the boys swum and cooked pancakes.

I got some cute souvenirs at the market. and a fabukous hand made dress that i will blog soon. I bought a sweet book that a friend lent to me in Perth before we got here. I was happy to find a copy for my wee nephew Willy. 

We had a brilliant afternoon in the sun. Alternating between hanging on the deck and swimming in the lake.

Grilling! We made some delish burgers and dogs. Dinner was amazing. And then there was pie!

This was my view Sunday morning. Amazing.

Pardon my ignorance, but I just didn't know places like this existed in Texas. But is is just beautiful. And relaxing. And there is a fantastic cool breeze which feels amazing after the months if heat and humidity in Houston. I can hear birds. See fish jumping in the lake. It's idyllic.

On Sunday Jeremy booked jet skis. Oh yes. Jet skis are the best. The most fun ever! Stephanie and Rob got their competitive nature all fired up. I had a lot of fun losing my bikini on the donut being towed beghind.

I hope you enjoy our photos! Let me know what you think. These are all from my trusty I phone. I can't wait to get my new camera this week!!

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