Saturday, 10 August 2013

Thrifting for party supplies.

When we moved into our corporate apartment there was a small set of glasses and plates.

Obviously I love vintage and eclectic pieces, so in time for our party this coming weekend, we are on the search for some cool vintage pieces.

Here is our treasure trove:

Set of 4 bronze and gold colored glasses. I can't wait to serve cocktails in these!

2 glass vases for my wee felted bouquets. The vases cost a whopping 99 cents each. In the store my darling husband asked whether we really needed them. then when he saw them on the shelf he was suitably impressed. 

And here is the same one with a sweet filter.

Here is the other wee one. It looks well cute on our indoor garden shelves.

On the morning of the party we popped along to the Salvation Army on Washington and I got a few more things.

Wee serving dishes for nuts and olives to go with the cheese board. Small bowls to serve dips and sauces in.

I got some cute wee tea cups for tooth picks and forks.

I also got some cute wee floral dinner plates for crackers and mini pizza slices. There were some very pretty glass and crystal dishes that I got for corn chips and pretzels.

My find of the week - by far, was this beautiful set of glasses. I was so stoked to find them, they were only $2 each and I freaking love them! I got 6.. There were 8. Yep. Should have got the other two!

The party was super fun and the serving dishes all looked so cute!

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