Friday, 2 August 2013

Throwback Thursday - Engagement Party

Thinking about our super awesome engagement party today.. It was two and a half years ago now, but it was the best day and night! Surpassed only by our two awesome wedding days. We are so lucky!

Here are some shots that I am loving, what a good day and night.

I did some cute DIY crafting to make the glass bottles and serving plates for the party.

A long walk along the beach with two of my bridesmaids in the morning. A chat session and feast at the Fig. And then off to pick up our cupcakes, and lots of cooking and organising.

And then lots of laughing, drinking and happiness having. Plus, I freaking love my dress!


Our yummo cupcakes. Scrabble tiles saying R + S.
Some of the yummy food. I took a bunch of old bottles and wrapped calico and ribbon around them.

I love these two cuties!
Some of the feast. Liz and I had been collecting vintage dishes for weeks. I used a hot glue gun and some old glasses to turn them into elevates serving dishes. They looked so cute! Check out the beautiful cookies that Liz made!

Uni Pals.

Us x

Lady love

Love this egg.
Uni gang.

T came all the way from Canberra for the party!

Beautiful Kel :)
I miss you Charlie x

Love with Trace

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