Saturday, 24 August 2013

Why masks scared me and then didn't.

The adverts for the new movie, "you're next" scared the shit out of me. Like, I haven't even seem the damn film, but the suspense was getting to me.

Laying in bed, and suddenly I would start picturing those animal masks. Gah. Scary shit.

Life choice: don't watch movie. But the ads are everywhere. "So?" You might say. Well apparently just the commercials were enough to scare me into having mask related nightmares.

I was lamenting my new formed fears of deathly white, animal masks to my dear husband when he pointed something out to me.

"I could take them down"
"Yeah right."
"Didn't you notice?"
"Their peripheral"
"Their masks are impeding their peripheral vision. Easy take down."

"Think about it. They can't see anyone approaching them from the side."

"No buts. The second they turn a corner they are open from all sides."

"But what about?"
"No buts. They are done."

"Bugger me."

Boom. Take that. 

And that's why the dick heads in the masks don't scare me anymore. 
"Use your peripherals B"

Youre Next replica movie prop
Image from "Your Props" website.

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