Sunday, 22 September 2013

Comfort... Day 13 of Blogtember

Better late than never...
Here are some things that mean "comfort" to me.

Hot tea.



Warm blankets.

Walking through the gates at Auckland International Airport and seeing my parents.

White sheets and matching robes.

Getting photos and videos of my nephew on viber.

A hot shower after a day in the field.

Looking into the eyes of my meow.

Having a hot cup of Bell tea and some toast with Marmite.

A glass of Chandon with a bestie. Hearing another bestie laugh.

Walking outside and smelling fresh air. Feeling grass under my toes. Feeling rain drip down my neck. 

Reading my favorite Barry Crump book.

Watching an old movie.

Little things bring me comfort. Because its the little things that count. 

The prompt for Blogtember day 12 - react to "comfort". To see more about Blogtember you can check out Jenni's blog, Story of My Life. 


  1. Warm blankets and hot tea. Spot on!

    1. Thanks! I was watching a scary movie while
      I wrote it so nearly anything was comforting at the time haha


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