Monday, 23 September 2013

Etsy Love - Teal Steals

This week I have been searching for "Teal" beauties on Etsy.. It is one of my dear friends favorite colors, and I was on the look out for something lovely to surprise her with... Here are some gems that caught my eye!

I want these for my wall! They make me want to be at the beach.. And I just love the variation in color! Check out this post to get a discount on prints from Beach House Gallery!
Turquoise Teal Wall Art, Seaweed Prints Teal Seaweed Prints, Turquoise Home Decor Seaweed Illustrations, Coral, Seaweed Print Set, Teal Mint
Etsy Store: Beach House Gallery


 I think these may be the most beautiful wedding shoes I have ever seen.. And there are so many more in the store!
Wedding Shoes - Teal Blue Wedding Shoes, Teal Heel with Ivory Lace. US Size 8.5
Etsy Store: Walkin On Air

 These beads are so pretty, I feel like you could do anything with them!I like the idea of using them as a unique cake topper.. They aren't edible, but it would be so original!
Czech glass beads - Emerald, teal - Fire polished, round faceted spacers, beach, seafoam - 6mm - 30Pc - 0957
Etsy Store: Maya Honey

I literally have no words for how cute these are.
Vintage Baby Shoes, Teal Turquoise Moccasins
Etsy Store: Willow Tree Antiques

 I love the back! How sweet is the bow?!
HOLLY GOLIGHTLY JADE - Teal dress with pockets // pleated skirt // back cut out // bridesmaid dress // vintage inspired // day // party
Etsy Store: Fleet Collection


 This is so beautiful. I want one for my kitchen. I have never seen a hand made colander before!
Teal Berry Colander- Handmade Ceramics by RossLab (made to order)
Etsy Store: Ross Lab


Well this is adorable! If only I had a little poppet to dress up!
Teal and lime mixed color tutu, baby girl, tutu,
Etsy Store: The Homemade Nest

I really dig this cushion cover. And it is the perfect color for our lounge.. Hmm..
HELLO Pillow Cover // 16"x16" Silk Screen Teal Pillow Cover
Etsy Store: Michelle Dwight

 So we all know that I love whales.. and the color blue. This is just about my favorite thing ever!!
Baby whale garland in ombre blues and teals -- photo prop nursery decor
Etsy Store: Meme and Saysay

How cute is this tea cup? My Mama would adore this!
Aynsley Bone China Teal Blue Pink Rose Coffee Cup Saucer Gold Trim
Etsy Store: Catnuttis Classics


  1. Your friend has good taste (well so do you!). I also love teal and you have chosen some wonderful items. I appreciate you including my cup and saucer in your special list.

    1. Thanks! I love the color, and I just adore your tea cup.. My Mum will want it as soon as she sees the post haha : )


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