Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fall Where Are you? The PSL edition.

So in the latest chapter of my epic quest to find Fall here in Houston, I find myself again, at Whole Foods.

The blogisphere is going nuts for Fall. like, nuts. And in particular, for pumpkin spiced latte or PSL. Being a non coffee drinker and a newbie to this "Fall" phenomena, I really didn't see the appeal. But people go bat shit for it. Like, there are at least 3 PSL images on my Instagram feed daily. So I decided to investigate. And today I tried  my first ever pumpkin spiced latte (spoiler alert, it doesn't actually taste like pumpkin)... I don't know what I thought of it. It was yummy and very sweet. I didn't really taste coffee or pumpkin. Maybe that's why I liked it... 
Anyway. I feel satisfied with the experiment. And now I can join in with the PSL images. Pumpkin peer pressure is a bitch. 

Lol look at my eyes. This is why I don't drink coffee.

Also, I found that the pumpkin displays outside Whole Foods get better every weekend. Check out these bad boys! 

I have literally never seen pumpkins the that look like Apples.

Okay, admittedly I have seen grey pumpkins before.

On a very positive note, it has rained for 24 hours solid. Yay! And, there has been more lightning in the last 24 hours than I think I saw in the last four years in Perth. So that is exciting. It also means a few degrees drop in temperature today which meant my beanie and long sleeve shirt didn't seem like a completely bonkers outfit choice. #winning

So, it looks like, for the next wee while,  Fall in Houston will be at Whole Foods. See you there fellow Fall chasers. 

Me getting up close and personal with the biggest pumpkins I have ever seen.

Happy Saturday folks! 

Damn my husband looks good in the morning.


  1. Okay. So it doesn't taste like coffee OR pumpkin? What is this. Sounds like a hoax. But it also sounds like I need to find my nearest Starbucks so I can hop aboard the cool train.

    Stay tuned...

    1. I'm glad we are both on the cool train together.. What other fads should we be trying :p


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