Saturday, 7 September 2013

Friday Fail - Pants - You're Doing it Wrong

So, I wear a pair of capri pants every now and then. Otherwise it is a dress every day. It is my only chance to wear a cute top, but, like I have mentioned, pants are not my friend.

Like today..

Just before heading to the cafeteria to get my lunch at work, I noticed that I have a large hole in my pants.

And it is right at the axis of like, the roundest part of my arse.

So I just walked round the cafeteria with one hand holding my food and purse and one hand planted firmly on the exposed cheek.

Nice one Sarah.

This is why I don't wear pants - they turn on you.


  1. I know how you feel, split pants or holes in pants are an inconvenient embarrassment where you find yourself going into a kind of ninja mode where you'll do anything to hide the evidence. I once made it through a full day of work without anyone noticing. Not a proud moment, but relieved when that day was over. Speaking of split pants, remember when our shower was broken and we had that plumber come round? 1st time split his pants - went home, 2nd time left his tools behind - went home, 3rd time actually did some work - went home. That's almost a recipe for a silent comedy film, with the over-dramatics and subtitles.

    1. They are so annoying lol Pants paranoia. I can't remember the plumber man.. but I can believe it lol

  2. Curse those pants! I am a big fan of leggings... And I always have to check for holes because I am uber cheap. Whoops.

    1. I like leggings too, but it's so damn hot in Houston still. I am looking for that perfect leggings and dress temperature. We may not be there for awhile.


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