Sunday, 22 September 2013

Friday Fail

On Friday night we watched World War Z.

I made us a cup of tea.

All the lights were out. Only the glow of the tv gave me an outline of the kitchen.

We drank our tea.

And when we finished we realized, there was were no tea bags in the mugs.

That's how good the movie was I guess.

Nice one Sarah.


  1. LOL!! Ha, this made me proper laugh out loud!
    I'm glad you liked the movie. Everyone I know HATED the movie. I really enjoyed it. I went and saw it with my friend at the cinema and halfway through I had to go to the loo and I was scared that I was gonna get eaten by zombies!

    1. Haha we were like, how did we not notice that was just hot water? When I got up to go to the bathroom and everything was dark I was so bloody scared haha. I thought a zombie was gonna be chilling in my bathroom lol.

  2. Replies
    1. I thought it was real good too. Original. And it was good that the zombies had some speed, made them scarier than your standard run of the mill shuffling zombies.


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