Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Labor Day weekend in Instagram photos

Beautiful light shades at Piola.

My awesome thrift store dress!

Winkydoo's Malt Shop - Yummiest malt shake ever.

Road trip excitement!

I love my new kitty top!

Thinking about my papa in New Zealand on Father's Day..

Salt and Pepper shakers in milkshake colours!

The first piece of my new collection.

Bruschetta at Piola.

Lights at Piola.

Warm in the Houston summer but loving our date night.

I do indeed!

We picked up a bunch of paint chips for me to get crafty with.

I added my new dresses from the thrift store mission.. I love my dress rainbow!

Happy in the sun on the Gulf Coast.

What a fun packed weekend! So good to have four days to relax, craft, do touristy things and catch up on rest!

Sarah xo

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