Wednesday, 18 September 2013

This weeks Etsy picks - Burlap

This week on Etsy I have been searching through Burlap items.. I think it is from a combination of the "Fall fever" that is taking over the blogosphere and because I am helping a friend plan her rustic themed wedding day.

Here are my top five "burlap" items on Etsy this week.. 

What do you think? Do you love burlap too? I love the texture and the versatility for crafting and decor. 

Etsy Store: Next To Heaven

This is so rad! It's a door stop. But it's not just a door stop - it has an eliphont on it! My Mum would love this! 

I love this beautiful cushion! I love the simple texture of the burlap with the unexpected pop of color from the gold polka dots.

Etsy Store: Pink Slip Inspiration
 I adore handmade Christmas stockings, and the red with the burlap just seems so festive!

I think these burlap ribbons would be perfect for the finishing touch on any gift.

Etsy Store: Crafty Frills
And finally a wedding item! I love the simple rustic look of the white frosting and the natural tones in the flowers.

What do you think? Have fun checking them out!

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