Friday, 20 September 2013

US of A - Six Months in - TO DO List

SO, we have had an unofficial "to do" list for our time in the US, since before we even knew we were coming.. I thought this would be the perfect time to actually get everything down on paper and see what we have ticked off so far. You can't laugh at the list lol, we grew up with '80s and '90s America on VHS. So some of the items are a little cheesey.

New York - June
Chicago - July
Austin - March
Las Vegas
San Antonio
San Franciso
New Orleans
San Diego

Deep Pan Pizza - had a Deep Dish in Chicago. OMG. Amazing.
Pasta in Little Italy - like, the best Pasta ever.
Hot Dog - I had a a "dog" at the Cubs game, they very proudly serve it with no Tomato Sauce, only mustard and pickle.
Chicken Fried Steak
Chicken Fried Chicken
Po Boy - This is like a chip butty but with deep fried sea food. Its so good and so bad all at the same time.
Budweiser - not very good, don't know what the fuss is about.
Chicken and waffles - Rob had this for breakfast one day, still a mystery to me.
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie - my boss made some, undecided on this phenomena.
BBQ - we have had a lot of BBQ. It's amazing.
Shrimp and Grits - I LOVE SHRIMP AND GRITS. That is all.
Gumbo - Rob tried this last week and loved it.
Turkey - Rob had a turkey leg at Eeyore's birthday, I am holding out for Thanksgiving.

Dave Chapelle - saw him, sung him Happy Birthday. Yayah.
Margaret Cho
Music Festivals
House of Pies - Went for midnight Pie after the supercross.. SO GOOD!
International House of Pancakes
Multonomah Falls, Oregon Hooters
Grand Canyon - next week
Hoover Dam
Wrigley Field - saw Cubs v Cardinals.
Niagara Falls
Mount St Helen's
San Juan Islands  Fenway Park
Stumble down Bourbon St
Famous People (Yes, I wanted to see some famous people, so sue me) - Rick Ross, Pauly Shore, Tommy Davidson, Dave Chapelle, FOTC
Central Park - got lost, saw turtles and HEAPS of squirrels.
Brooklyn Bridge - walked across on the sunniest, most beautiful day.
Buckys - after Austin; on the way to New Braunfels.
Times Square - it's so busy. And we loved all the billboards.
Colorado River - next week
Hippy Festival
Renaissance Fair
Cirque De Soleil - next week
Las Vegas Strip - next week
Broadway Show - saw Book of Mormon.
Crater Lake 
A jousting renaissance dinner. Great Lakes - Lake Huron from Chicago
Bon Jovi
Mount Hood
Mount Rainier
Gulf of Mexico - Galveston, TX; Holly Beach, LA.
30 Rock
Lake Tahoe
YellowStone Park
San Juan Islands
Jersey Turnpike
The Hamptons
Rocky Mountains

Cowboy Boots
Girl Scout Cookies
I heart NY shirt
MLB Shirt - Astros, Cubs Jersey
NFL Shirt - Texans Jersey

Fourth of July - see this post for details on our Independence Day.
Carve a pumpkin
Trick or treat 
Make a pumpkin pie
Grill - We have done some grilling with pals. The results so far have been encouraging.
Shoot a gun - There is no way in hell I am picking up a gun. Ever. But Rob is going to go shooting with Jeremy soon.
Mardi Gras - Happening in March.
Shop at Walmart - So, Rob refuses to do this. But I have been in once.

Beluga - Saw them in Chicago. And when I saw them I cried. I was so excited!
Gators - Saw them in Louisiana a couple of weekends ago. Holy Shit.
Squirrel - I have some squirrel pals who I see on the way to work.
Pink Flamingo

NBA game - Rockets v Mavericks, Rockets v Clippers, Rockets v Thunder
NFL game
Roller Derby
Ice Hockey
MLB game - Red Sox v Yankees, Red Sox v Astros
Wisconsin Badgers, college football


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    1. Thanks Emma! it is kind of cheesy I guess, but it is all the things we have been wanting to do :P


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