Sunday, 8 September 2013

Vintage Dress in a Modern World - Anniversary Edition

So like I posted on Thursday, today is our first wedding anniversary. Which is exciting. Because I have never had a wedding anniversary before. Rob hasn't either so we are pretty smiley.

I have been wanting to share one of my all time favorite dresses, but thought it would be cute to post it on our wedding anniversary. So here it is.

I bought this dress at a Polka Dot Vintage Fair in Perth last August. It was on a sale rack, and I just absolutely adored the lemon color. I was reticent to try it because I don't really wear yellow, but I grabbed it as well as the light blue dress next to it. Turns out I loved it, regardless of my sickly, freckled skin tone, so I bought them both.

The first time I have ever worn lipstick.

I was going to wear a different dress, but advice from a friend made me change my mind. I had been wanting to wear white for the day, but I loved the feminine look of this one. It was definitely great advice. I think it was perfect.

My amazing hair dresser, Laura, gave me a vintage, curled side pony tail, and added some flowers pins I had bought to match the dress.

I wanted to have flowers for our registry wedding, because I was in the middle of making all the bouquets for the January day (here is a pic of them, a tutorial will be up soon). I couldn't decide whether to go pick out flowers or not, but again, lovely friends convinced me. I had an amazing time going through all the flowers in the florist and asking for this one and that, and I was very impressed with myself when it was all finished. Liz gave the bouquet a special touch by wrapping strands of fabric around it that I had been using to create bunting for the January wedding.

Walking back to work with the bouquet, the day before. It suddenly got real.

I sure know how to pick me some flowers.
Liz making them super awesome.
We had six friends with us for the ceremony. We all got ready together at our place, and the girls helped me get dressed. We had some champagne and nibbles and hung out together, before we went down to the office. It was a really special time. 

I was scared about the lipstick.

Lol this is not a staged photo.

Getting ready - my beautiful vintage robe.
Lol again, not a staged photo.

Very excited before hand.
Another very cute dress if I do say so myself.
At the office we had photos with the view of the Swan River behind us, and all had a pretty excited vibe on. Rob and I were very nervous and I had the giggles. 

When we entered the special room where the ceremony takes place, I practically skipped in. We signed all the paper work first and then we got to the best part..

Getting the legal part done.
  Brad, who is one of my oldest, closest friends was my witness. Phil, who, likewise is one of Robs oldest, closest friends was his witness. The celebrant went through the legal stuff, while Rob gripped my hand tight. 

The next part was our pledge, which had me in tears and sniffling between each line. Rob made his pledge and then we said "I Do".

And cue emotion.

The kiss was the best kiss of my life. That is all there is to say about it. Oh, and after Rob was covered in red lip stick haha.

Before we knew it, our friends were cheering and it was official. The man I had been in love with for the last six or so years, was my husband.

There were cuddles and tears and "churs" and more cuddles and smiles. We were like, on this happiness cloud. 


After the ceremony we caught the bus to our local, where we had booked a special area for all our Perth pals to come up and celebrate with us. It was filled with vintage furniture, and we had delicious food and sangria all night long. It was an amazing night, second only to our night in January, where our family and NZ friends were.

And that was our "special day" number 1. It really was such a terrific day. I really feel blessed to have shared it with Rob and our friends.

Thanks for having a look through, I hope you enjoyed hearing about our day (and liked the dress!).
Sarah xo

Thank you to Charlotte Horton and Liz Mahon for the ceremony photos. Thanks Tracey Eyre for risking life and life and limb to take the bus shot. And thanks Adora Tiernan for the awesome shot of Liz and I!


  1. I think the red lipstick plays! Looks like it was a gorgeous day! Congrats and happy anniversary!!!

    1. Thanks, it was pretty rad. But I was very nervous about the lipstick haha. Thanks lady :)

  2. I love the flowers! This all looks like so much fun.

    1. Thanks! It was a blast, so many happy memories!


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