Saturday, 14 September 2013

You've Changed Bro - Day 8 of Blogtember

So I don't know if it has changed me or not.

But I love social media. And I really don't mind saying so. In fact I have no shame about my love of social media.

I am so far away from all the rocking people in my world and I can see all the things they are up to thanks to Facebook, Instagram etc.. I can see babies, holidays, new dresses, selfies, road trips and beautiful weather.

I also like Facebook stalking.

My blog has given me an outlet for all my creative oddities. And direction for it. I feel more purposeful in my every day adventures. And it helps remind me that I am not just a working robot. And it makes me realise I am not the only person like me out there. Yes, there is no one youer than you, but there are some funny talented ladies who are also into the stuff I am. And different stuff. And yeah, thats like good for personal growth and stuff. You know?

This is my post for Day 8 of Blogtember (a day late, but here none the less, work has been crazy this week). Today's prompt is to discuss how social media has changed you. To read more about Blogtember you can check out my posts from the first week, or head over to the "Story of My Life blog" here.

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