Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Etsy Love - MEOW!

This week I am looking to treat myself with something "MEOW" related, given that is my nickname from my Husband! Here are some of my favorites on Etsy... You can find the Etsy store and a link to the product page below each meowy picture.


Meow White Crew Neck T-shirt and Tank Top. Small to X-Large.
The Sell Out

Meow Multi Cat Black and White Tile
365 Tile a Day

You're the Cats Meow
Hartland Brooklyn
Hand Illustrated Meow Tote Bag
Sarah Menzies Design
meow hand embroidered illustration in an 8 inch wooden hoop
Making Jiggy
I Want You Meow
Pretty and Fresh
Tote Bag MEOW
Tan Dan et Le Shirt
Fun Stuff Meow for iPhone 4/4S/5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 S4
Pacific Gear
Feline Meow Inspired printed Shirt Tank Top Vest Ladies Small Large
The 3gether Shop
meow necklace - all sterling silver
Piano Bench Designs


  1. I instantly thought of that scene in Super Troopers where they say meow to the couple they pulled over, yes? Love that scene.

    1. Lol love that scene! That's where my nick name came from! So freaking funny!


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