Monday, 21 October 2013

Finding Fall in Houston - Pumpkin carving

Today I carved my first ever Jack o lantern!

I was meant to go to a pumpkin party on Friday but my ovaries were at war with the rest of my body so I was stuck in bed with a hot water bottle. 

Instead - I decided today was the day! 

I chose the best pumpkin at Whole Foods! His name is Harry. Reader, meet Harry.

For the carving I had no idea where to start so I skyped my Mum and she gave me advice. Her carving knowledge is limited to American movies and Pinterest. So basically it was the blind leading the blind.

I got a carving set from Whole Foods which was excellent till I broke the little sword carver thingy. 

I decided to make a kitty cat pumpkin. Cos you know, why not? And I was wearing a cat t shirt so it seemed appropriate.

Mama and I chatted as I chopped, gutted and carved my pumpkin into submission. And eventually, with much worry and doubt along the pumpkin carving road, a kitty emerged from the orange mess that was Harry. 


Well, kind of. I think it is kind of distinguishable as a cat, if not a cat, then a critter of some sort. 

Yay! This pumpkin thing is fun. 

And note to self - I should have got matches for Harry's candle. 


  1. A job well done! I cheat and use those kits from the grocery store.

    1. Thanks! Lol I would have if they had cats! :)

  2. I feel so connected to Harry, pumpkins that pass in the night......or pumpkin and marshmallow?

    1. Lol you were there for Harrys rebirth as a kitty.


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