Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Finding Fall in Houston - Pumpkin Patch!

Its official! I LOVE Fall. Haha I am converted, as long as it keeps cooling down! We had a scorching hot day on Saturday as we did what I would say is the most "Fall-esque" thing so far... We got lost in a corn maze - my first ever. Rob ate deep fried desserts. We had lemonade. Ate BBQ... We visited a Pumpkin Patch! 

It was so much fun. Even despite it being 99% humidity. Yes, we got very sweaty. Here are some photos from the day. 

Note, there are a lot of pumpkin photos. Its how they do around here.



Yes, we are extremely lost.

Tiny pumpkins!

Deep fried Oreos. Yep. That's right.


  1. As always lovely photos. I love the sunflower ones! It's so strange seeing green corn stalks! Everything is brown brown brown up here.

    1. Thanks hun! I have never been in a field of sunflowers or corn haha it was all so pretty : ) I felt like I was in the baby sitters club :P


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