Thursday, 3 October 2013

Grand Canyon Trip

These are from our trip this weekend past to Las Vegas! Enjoy.

This is my second time using my new camera, I am loving it!

Lake Mead

An ancient Volcano above Lake Mead

Hoover Dam

Rocky landscape

Coming up to the Canyon

Sediment and drainage patterns

Hoover Dam and Colorado River

Three states in one photo. Nevada, Arizona and Utah.
The cliffs opposite our picnic spot

Looking upstream

Lake Mead and the edge of the Canyon in the background

Day dreaming

Roberto in the Canyon

Gotta love lichen

Happy little badgers in the Canyon

Lake Mead


  1. The blues are awesome. It has been many moons since I've seen pictures of this area of the world. Love it!

    1. Thanks babe! The blues make me happy too :)


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