Thursday, 31 October 2013

OOTD - Royals

I just cant stop listening to Lorde! Her music is fantastic. Her song "buzzcut season" off the new album is just so rad.

My dress today is a royal blue, vintage beauty. It is one of my favorites. And it is perfect for a day when I have dress block. (It comes from having too many dresses - and no, I am not complaining. And yes, I will continue to always add more!)

I bought this dress like I do so many. We were shopping in Perth and said to Rob "Hey meow, I am just popping into Miss Brown's for a little while, do you wanna go to JB Hi Fi and buy that new xbox game?"

And with that I had a few new dresses. Haha. It is our way. And it works : )

Dress: Miss Brown (Aus)
Blazer: Cotton On (Aus)
Scarf: Sportsgirl (Aus)
Cat shoes!: Paprika on Ebay (US)
Badger Cuff:  English Garden


  1. Thanks now that song is stuck in my head. Also? Like the addition of the downward shoe shot picture. So very blogger of you. ;)

    1. Haha now I re-have it stuck in my head. Was worried I looked like a bloody mess today, but I got a "no you look cute" from husband so posted them. Oh and yep, I know right lol

  2. I love this shade of blue, in fact, I have a sweater with this exact shade! You look so pretty and those flats are so cute. :)

    1. Thanks! Haha the photos are a little rough - my iPhone doesn't dig the inside light! I do love the cats : )


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