Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Snap Happy

A weekend worth of phone pics..

Dewberry Farm pumpkin patch and the Renaissance Festival.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

I love all the fall decorations at Hobby Lobby!

I still can't find any real leaves turning in Houston, but they have a bunch at Hobby Lobby!

Bucket List item ticked off - Pumpkin Patch!

Beautiful sunflowers at DewBerry Farm.

I have never seen this color sun flowers before!

Had to try this to tick it off my "Fall to do" list.

I got to wear gumboots all weekend. That is a good weekend by my standard.

Rob and I at the Renaissance Festival in Houston.

Shooting arrows like a boss.

Rach and I.


Rachael looking all fine.

Gratuitous gumboot shot.

Rach at the shooting range.

Us on our Elephant.

Patting our wee mate.

This guy. What a hottie.


  1. You rode an elephant!?!?! That is so awesome.

    1. He was so awesome, best elephant friend I have ever made : ) I was pretty excited, as soon as I saw them I screamed haha


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