Sunday, 27 October 2013

Thrifting in Houston

We are doing the Color Run tomorrow so we took a trip to the thrift store to get some goofy running clothes...

Of course I took the opportunity to go on a mini thrift spree. As usual thrifting in America provided me with many bargains.. Can't wait to share all my pretty pieces but here are a few pics in the mean time! 

And yes, there are a few selfies in the lot :p 

Confession - I like shoulder pads. And I love pink. And I love a $3.90 bargain!

I get a buzz from thrift shopping. I admit it.

I think this dress was $4.. It is absolutely perfect (I love me some polka dot action).

This maxi dress was $7 (pricey! haha) - it is dark red and maroon, in the store I was picturing it with my leather jacket - and I am happy with the result!

Just got this out of the drier.. The jersey was $3 and the infinity scarf was $1.

Self indulgent iPhone selfie. Damn I love that scarf.

Can't wait to share photos from the color run tomorrow! I have the daggiest outfit haha 

Hope y'all had a good Saturday! 


  1. Well done!
    Enjoy the run! Watch out for the blue and green... That stuff requires a loofa to get off the skin! ;)

    1. So bummer, we didn't run.. Rob does not like running in lightning!


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