Thursday, 17 October 2013

Throwback Thursday - Philskis Birthday

Last night the universe had its timing just right and we got to facetime two of our favorite people in the world, and meet their new little man!

The time difference between our original home - New Zealand, our last home - Perth, and our current home - Houston, means that normally when we are getting ready for bed, Perthy people are getting ready for work, and Kiwi people are at work.. So it can be difficult to schedule skyping.. But every now and then you get a window of awesomeness where we can talk to our loved ones. Which makes me happy.

Here are three of my favorite photos with Charlie, Phil and us from our time in Perth.. 
Phil had the best birthday party. The theme was PB (for his name). 
We went as Pebbles and Bam Bam. Charlie was a Pavlova. 
There were very attractive Bananas, a kiwi hero and a pretty sweet rag doll. As well as many other mental characters.

 We miss you guys, was so good to catch up. Forever love to you guys. xx



  1. Costume parties always throw me. I'm not creative enough. I would have like I dunno brought a peanut butter sandwich....

  2. Which would have been funny in itself lol


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