Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Weird shit in Vegas

Here are 10 odd observations and things we saw in Vegas:
  1. Elvis on a motorized scooter.
  2. Zombie themed wedding chopper.
  3. Mike Tyson in a candy bar.
  4. People smoking in an elevator.
  5. A break dancing octogenarian.
  6. A stripper trying to distract guys from their poker game. Hilarious.
  7. An oxygen bar. Yep. I paid money to breathe pure oxygen to diminish a particularly cruel hangover.
  8. You can never be too dressed up or too casual in Vegas. We saw ladies in ball gowns walking past women in track pants.
  9. A man with a snake around his neck. Which makes me sad. I no like snakes yo.
  10. Oh, and Gene Simmons on a motorized scooter. Aging rockers everywhere.
Happy Wednesday! And remember, you are never weird until you are Vegas weird. 

Me breathing in oxygen. It was great.

Elvis isn't dead. He isn't too far from it though I would say.


  1. I've often wondered about the whole oxygen bar thing. If it helped with a hangover I say sigh me up!

    1. I had never seen one before! But had heard oxygen might be good for hangovers, and what made it even better - the "bartender" gave me a series of massages while I was inhaling. OMG. So good. I felt so much better after!


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