Thursday, 14 November 2013

For THURSDAY - THROWBACK Our first ever NFl game!

So, this week I aint throwing it back that far..

Last Sunday Rob and I ticked off a MASSIVE item from our US Bucket List - something Rob has wanted to do since he was like, a wee one. We went to an NFL game. And not just any game, the team I have been following since forever, was playing the Texans.

We saw the Colts play the Texans! And it was such an amazing experience! I have never been to a sports game like it. Like, it was massive. It was so much fun, it helped that our "home" team was winning for about 89% of the game. The atmosphere was crazy intense. I have never been to a game where people pretty much don't take their seats (except for during a time out).

We saw some super exciting touch down runs, lost our voices, ate some peanuts and had a beer or two.

Oh, and we also saw people tail gating. It was like nothing I have ever seen. It was like a whole other world.

Getting our red on.
Seeing Andrew Luck play was pretty rad.
JJ Watts was a bad ass.
Okay, so this is a VERY weird thing. It is normal to just break up your peanut shells and leave them on the floor.


  1. I love going to football games! I'm a Bears fan and it's been a couple years, I need to get myself some tickets.

    1. It was soooo much fun! I couldn't believe how intense it was!


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