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Guest Post - Laurie from Andiamo

Today I am lucky enough to have the beautiful Laurie from Andiamo blog over for a blog swap.. Laurie is super hilarious, a great photo-grapher, she has a pretty cool husband AND she pretty much has the two cutest kiddies ever (for evidence, see below).

We have been getting to know each other, and like reading each others blog, so we thought, why not get to know each other a little more?.. With some deep and probing questions! 

This was so much fun, and I am excited to have her here, and to be rocking my stuff on Andiamo today! 



If you were a cupcake what flavor would you be? Please include frosting type and sprinkle choice. Thank you.
I love this. Who doesn't love cupcakes? If I could be any cupcake in the world it would be one from Magnolia Bakery. The one on Bleecker if I'm being specific. I would be vanilla with blue frosting. Oh their frosting. I've only ever been to Manhattan once without getting one of these beauties. If we are discussing "at home" cupcakes I want to be chocolate covered in peanut butter everything. 

If you could travel back in time to ANY concert at any time in history, who would you see?
Woodstock. The first one. I would love to be apart of something that at the time was so ground breaking. We visited the original site this summer and I think it would have been pretty awesome to be there. Live. Since this is hypothetical I'll be sure to bring my very own private bathroom and showering facilities. Because. Yuck. 

Where did you and Matt meet?
We met at orientation freshmen year of college. Technically. Although I don't really remember that so I maintain that our real first meeting was on a cruise ship off the coast of Virginia on our way to Bermuda. More on that here

What was the first thing you noticed about him?
He always knew my name. So to me that meant he was thoughtful. Something I lack. In spades. He has always and still does impress me with that. Oh and he looks very good in the color blue. Or cobalt if we are getting technical here. I know how much you love cobalt

How do you eat an Oreo? 
I flipping stuff those things in my mouth faster than I can chew them. Whole. It's like they have crack in them. 

I know we share a dislike of eating chicken on the bone. Do you have any other food peculiarities?
Oh my. Many! I love crab but don't enjoy shelling said crab. I make Matt do it (aren't I a peach?). Green vegetables disturb me unless they are in the form of stir fry. I love turkey in cold cut form but on Thanksgiving I won't eat it (maybe it's the bone thing again?) I loathe pulled pork sandwiches and all other "dutchy" food (Pennsylvania Dutch not food hailing from Holland).  My food can't mix on my plate. Each thing needs it's own section. I'll be off finding a therapist now thank you. 

What are your thoughts on the Spice Girls? If you were a Spice Girl, which would you be?
Oh my. Okay. First of all I immediately resort back to my 8th grade self. And I know every word to their songs and I sing them. Often. Which one would I be? This is something that my 8th grade self has frequently considered. I think Sporty Spice. I am not a girlie girl so to me Baby and Posh are out. Mel, (the scary one) well she scared me. And I'm a bit of a tomboy. Plus no red hair. Zigazig-Ha!

What is your first memory as a kiddie?
I was playing with Barbies in my room (that I shared with my two brothers) and was called downstairs. When I returned to my room my Barbies had changed position. I was convinced ghosts were responsible. And that's probably why I remember it. It of course is not possible that my brothers moved them. Oh no. It was ghosts.

What got you into blogging?
Matt. I blame him completely. Other than him I really enjoy reading blogs. This community is so awesome I guess I talked to him about it enough that he finally convinced me to try it myself. I've never looked back! Okay maybe once or twice.....

Are you a morning or evening person? 
Morning! I have no choice. There was a time when I slept in but that time has come and gone and been replaced by two kids. If only I could convince my night owl self that she must give up a tiny bit. 

What is your favorite item of clothing?
Leggings. Elastic. Black. Comfy. What's not to love?

Sweet or savoury?
Savoury. Give me salt and a kick any day over sweets. 

What is your favorite post you have written? Share a link : D
Kids. The drinking game.. Hmmmm. What does this say about me???

Cat or dog?
Cat cat cat. I used to have two (Dominic and Pisano). I think they are quite funny little creatures and I love the whole meow thing. But after each kid one of them no like the situation (nothing crazy they just weren't as friendly to us anymore) and so we found them a home within the family. I keep tabs on them through Instagram. 

I am super impressed with your running commitment.. what got you started?
Thank you! Locally we had an event called Sweat-a-Fit. One entire day of spinning, yoga and Zumba. It was intense but I loved it. Through that event I learned of other events such as....races! I gave one a try and then another and another. Now I run every single day. I do maybe six races a year. The Color Run was my favorite this year to date. Coming up we have the Turkey Trot and the Jingle Bell Run. These are my favorites because I dress silly. 

Rock, Paper or Scissors?
Rock. I like to bring the hammer. I think of a rock as stability and strength. I'd like to be my kid's rock. And I'm not too emotional. I think of a rock has being as cold-hearted as I am. I'm only half joking. ;)

What are your current five favorite pics of David and Letty?
This is like... impossible. So I narrowed it down to my favorite pictures taken by Wishbone Photography. So these are all hers. And I may have cheated and picked two with both of them. They are just so cute if I do say so myself.

//to be clear this is typical.\\

//as is this\\

//except this last one. this one's mine.\\

Thanks for having me over today Sarah! And fantastic job with the questions. I had so much fun answering them! She's a great one. This Sarah. But you already know that because you read her blog.

You can follow along with more of my antics here: 


Thanks for being so awesome Laurie! And guys, make sure you check her out - I am so glad I found her in the blogging world!


  1. I'd say our first swap was a great success!!! Yay! :)

  2. i enjoyed this thoroughly. and of course bc there's also a pic of me. ha

  3. I'm the proud sister in law of this lovely lady! ;) Loved the post, Laur! As usual.

  4. Laurie, so funny! Your kidlets are soooo adorable, it is crazy. I will not even begin to mention how many times I said ME TOO here. :-)


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