Saturday, 2 November 2013

New Blog Buttons!

Oh the excitement of new social media buttons! It must be said, I am technology challenged. And although it took me an hour, I finally worked out how to change them.. And they are so cute, and so much better looking!

 photo 3_zps6b03f3b9.png  photo 5_zps0a58836d.png  photo 9_zpsf129552f.png

I bought mine from here... super easy and quick to download!

And I learned how to make a button for my blog! Thanks Laurie! 

Oh, the things I think

(Here is the website I use to make  mine.. super easy!)


  1. They look awesome! All of it! If you ever need help I'm here. I really do love it. For minor things of course. ;)

  2. Or big things as long as they aren't coding related. Just had to clear that up.


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