Thursday, 7 November 2013

OOTD - Floral Being

Houston is rocking some beautiful mornings at the moment!

So, I happen to think this is the most gorgeous scarf ever. Just saying.

Today at work was super busy so these are all selfies y'all. My bad. But hey, a girls gotta get paid. I love the simplicity of this dress, and the fact that my bright and happy scarf is the main feature! I bought it a couple of years ago at FCUK and fell madly in love, convincing Rob that I just HAD to have it.

Yep. Another lunch time selfie.

Houston. Its big.

I look petrified because I have a fear of elevators, and the wind screams past making me feel like its dropping. Eeek.

That look of relief means I am on the ground without mass catastrophe.

Dress: Banana republic (US)
Scarf: FCUK (AUS)
Cardi: Cotton On (AUS)
Glasses: Bonlook Honeybagers in Black (US)
Handbag: Banana Republic (US)


  1. I love this - your scarf is so pretty and it goes perfectly with that dress!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Thanks Deborah! I do really adore how happy it is : )
      Sarah x

  2. Scarf rocks. And wow you work up high.

    1. Thanks love, and yeah, elevator phobias are not ideal if you work on the 34th floor.

  3. Gorgeous colors! Perfect scarf! <3

    - Anna

    1. Thanks Anna! I love looking down and seeing such pretty colors wrapped around me : )

  4. You're right, that scarf is stunning! x


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