Tuesday, 5 November 2013

OOTD - Little Red Riding Hood

Today was a day for red I think. I'm
Not sure why, but the vibrant color helped get me through a pretty tiring day.
I love the big black button and it is just so comfy!

Trying new angles..
On the look out for anyone walking in haha
I got told I have a "selfie" smile I do everytime, so I tried another one. It looks like I just ate an amusing lemon. lol

Dress: Modcloth (US)
Cardi: Glassons (NZ)
Boots: Nine West (US)
Glasses: Bonlook - Honeybadger - in black (US)

I am linking up with Kelly from Kiwi Womens Style today, be sure to check it out!


  1. I don't see the lemon thing. I think it looks great!

    1. Thanks love : ) When I first bought the dress I was worried it was too short, but I love it with stockings.

  2. That dress is super cute ^_^ The cut and design is so flattering. I like pretty much all of the color and pattern options for that one! <3

    Hey, thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I appreciate it! You're welcome back anytime ^_^ I look forward to keeping up with your blog posts on Bloglovin'! :D


    - Anna


    1. Thanks! I really love them too, there is a new one with wee birds on them that I am stalking : )

      No worries, I really liked your blog - your style is super cute! I am looking forward to following along with yours too!

      Sarah x


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