Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Op Shop link up - excitement!

I am happy to say that I found the coolest blog yesterday. Max is a cool English expat living a lovely life in small town New  Zealand. She has a super sweet blog and a link up I am really excited about.

By now y'all know that I love thrifting for dresses - but it doesn't stop there, I like any sweet vintage find I come across! If I could my house would be filled with treasures from second hand stores/op shops/ thrift stores/ antique stores (choose definition for awesome bargains in preloved condition for what ever language you follow). 

Max has a link up called "op shop show off" which I am happy to say I will be joining as often as possible!

My first show off is a set of martini glasses in rose pink glass with white etching. I found them at Goodwill for $3 for the set!!! Whhhhaaaaa? I can't wait to have a cocktail in them with a lady pal : ) 

Thank you phone app for creating a tidy collage of my shots :P

If you love to thrift or find bargains in op shops you should take a look at the link - lots of fun - cos the second best past apart finding bargains - telling people how good the bargain is!
Thanks Max! 


  1. They are such a beautiful colour, and so classy. I would want to drink pink gin out of them!
    Thanks for letting everyone know about the 'Op-shop Show-Off' linky, and have a great weekend xxx

    1. Thanks Max, I just adore them! And no worries, I am super excited about it - I love hearing about other peoples steals!
      Sarah x


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