Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Snap Happy

Birthday meal. With the cutest Zara dress!
I spent 3 hours on Sunday morning buying Christmas stuff. It was awesome.
I went to find some "fall" leaves. There were none. But there were mushrooms.
I like people who give me candy.
Pumpkin. They love it here.
Ohhhh chilli loving!
Friday morning. Cool jumper. Tired poppet.
Getting a picture ready for a blog swap on Wednesday.
On Sunday afternoon I walked through a swamp. Because bridges are for bebes.
I love Fall decorations.
I used to be scared of Dobermans. Not this one.
And the best of all.. Less than one month till I cuddle this guy.


  1. Confession: I spent the majority of this afternoon putting up Christmas decorations. It's a disease.

    1. I cannot wait to get home to NZ and decorate!! I get it - its so much fun lol


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