Saturday, 30 November 2013

Thanksgiving Review

So as most of y'all know by now we have a large list of things we want to accomplish while we are here in the States. Before we even knew we would be moving here, when we were discussing a possible holiday, it was decided we would come in November so that Rob could see a football game, and so that we could have Thanksgiving with our Texan family. It is safe to say that the mystique behind a day of feasting on Turkey and all the extras was a huge draw for us. And now, I am happy to say we have had our first Thanksgiving. And it was fantastic. And filling. Very filling.

We drove to Steph and Jeremy's first thing to start helping out. Luckily they are amazing and had started cooking days before the actual event. So we really didn't have to do much in the way of cooking prep.

We watched the Macy's day parade - which I had read all about in the Baby Sitters club when I was a kid so I was very excited! 

Okay so on to food (I know that's what y'all are reading this for) -

The Turkeys were done rotisserie style, two ways. One with an apricot glaze, and the other with the "special" sauce (you can find the recipe here on the blog, it is my favorite!!). Jeremy had been up since 4 am basting and prepping the birds. Steph had prepared all the dishes so it was just a matter of heating things up and cooking the grits and dressing. For all the Kiwis and Aussies reading this I have prepared a list of what we ate (and what it is - lol I found this all very confusing)..

This is a Turkey.

There is another turkey under the towel, she was camera shy.
  • Turkey - two ways
  • Ham - (my Christmas favorite, keep an eye out for my glaze recipe next month - it kills)

  • Dressing/Stuffing - okay my Antipodean friends and family, this is confusing. Stuffing is not stuffing if it isn't cooked inside the Turkey apparently, this stuff is baked in a huge dish, and is called dressing (but it is what we would call stuffing)... And, not only that, it isn't just a breadcrumb and onion and herb thing.. This has boiled eggs cut up, sausage mince meat, and cornbread - it's like normal stuffing on steroids and on crack. Spoiler alert - this shit is crazy good.
  • Bean casserole - another dish that confused me culturally but delighted my taste buds. Basically it is green beans cooked with mushroom soup. But technically it is freaking delicious.
  • Grits - cheeeseeeey grits. SO DAMN GOOD. Technically its hominy and cheese and garlic. Writing this the day after thanksgiving - the fact that I found left overs of it today completely made my day.
  • Sweet potato mash - with PECANS and BROWN SUGAR. I couldn't make myself try this. But Rob and Eric were losing their shit over it.
  • Mashed potatoes - these were yum - cos you know, they are mashed potatoes.
  • Squash, apple, cranberry thing - this looked a little too much for me to try - I know, I am not a very good investigative reporter.
  • Root vegetable mash - My soft foods aversion limited me from this one.
  • Gravy - Good. Hella good.
  • Cheesey corn - Another one that Steph warned "it sounds weird, but you will like it" - and yep. Corn, cream cheese and onion cooked up. Yummo. Would be good on toast I reckon.
  • Fruit salad - even Steph admits this one is weird. Its like 90% cream stuff and then 5% fruit and 5% pink. Rob liked it.
And then... Desserts.
  • Normal pumpkin pie - a staple I am getting used to slowly.
  • Chiffon pumpkin pie - it's pumpkin pie with meringue. And gelatin. It's like eating billowing clouds of pumpkin. 
  • Pumpkin bread - you know what I'm talking about, here is the recipe!
  • Pumpkin roll - this is AMAZING. Think pinwheel scones but dense, moist and carrot cake like - also with yum cream cheese frosting. 
  • Reese's cheesecake - I couldn't do this. But my god it looked crazy. Not sure on the availability of Reese's peanut butter cups in NZ but this dessert is amazing.
  • Chocolate eclair thing - this looked intense.
  • Grapefruit pie - bright pink and tangy but creamy. 
  • Pecan pie - this is in my top 5 things I love about Texas list. I once ate a whole pie in one sitting. Yep, it doesn't just happen in the movies.
  • Apple crumble - Stephs super cool kid made this, I didn't get to try it but I am hoping for left overs. 

    I appreciate that this photo does not do the dressing justice. If you can try licking the screen it might help.
Sweet, sweet potato.. Its like a crack for Rob.
Again, the photos don't do it justice.

So good.

By this time, I had no room, but felt compelled to keep eating.

So basically we stuffed ourselves. We were in a turkey coma all afternoon. Lunch was full of laughter, kiwi accent debates, Flight of the Conchords quotes, remembering past thanksgiving memories and banter. We are blessed to have been adopted into such a great family while we are here. 

On thanksgiving night we went to the other half of our Texan family. And despite groaning with fullness I still managed to find room for another plate of ham and stuffing. And some lovely kiwi white wine. 

My Texan momma handed me the most beautiful birthday present. She made me a stunning Christmas wreath that she made for Rob and I. I can't wait to hang it!

Finally, drunk on Turkey, wine, fine whiskey and stuffing we passed out happy with ginormous tummies.

My thanksgiving review: 5 stars.

Thanks Steph!


  1. I'm so glad you weren't disappointed!!! I'm full all over again reading this.

    1. Haha I am on an eat, rest, repeat cycle :p

  2. Wow, that is some heavy duty food and it sounds absolutely amazing. I don't recognise half of the dishes although I would definitely be willing to try them.

    1. It was pretty intense, and I have been eating left overs for 3 days. I am like a food balloon.

  3. OMG no Christmas Dinner for you after that lot you will still be full

    1. Haha I hope I will have made some space by then, not long now! xx

  4. hae badgee , great read , sounds like a big as feed, love Dad

    1. Hi Daddy, it was a big as feed! My chubby cheeks are back :P love you x

  5. Love how you're trying the local food! I tried grits and hashbrowns made in a bowl not fried when I was in the States in the early 90s. Soooooo good.

    1. Haha I am definitely trying the local food, I have gone up at least a dress size since I got here!

  6. Me and my husbands favorite flight of the conchords quote is "a Central Park, in Newark!" Haha we kept on repeating this to ourselves while we were visiting NYC this past weekend.

    1. Haha! I love how quotable and random they are! They just kill me :P


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